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isplack, high performing black and custom colored eyeblack, designed for the toughest athletes, stays strong on the harshest athletic fields, and wipes clean when the battle is over.  

isplack premium Baseball eyeblack. Color eye black for baseball in your team's colors

isplack premium Baseball eyeblack. Color eye black for baseball in your team's colors

From the all dirt tee ball field to the perfectly manicured fields of Major League Baseball and everything in between; players of all ages and sizes use eye black on the baseball diamond. The purest form of the sport resonates from summertime holiday tournaments—where hundreds of players and thousands of people come together for the sport designated our National Pastime. The imagery of those tournaments naturally includes the faces of young boys with their under-eye painted in eye black. Just as natural as the Little League baseball tournaments we all know and love are the faces of our favorite Big Leaguers trotting around the bases, or tracking a fly ball, with the black face paint marking their signature look.

Baseball is the sport that first brought eye black into athletics. From The Babe to present day All Stars such as Bryce Harper, Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera eye black has stood the test of time. However, more than each individual athlete, what connects isplack to the sport of baseball the most is the way in which those who wear the face paint are instantly connected with the sport’s passion and intensity.

Eye black is more than a sun glare neutralizer—though it works great for that purpose—eye black, and the colors of isplack, are a way to get your game face on, show your commitment and drive to the game you play and the sport you love. The original purpose of eye black and colored face paint in ancient cultures as symbolism for unity is personified on the baseball diamond through athletes of all ages. The custom colored eye black of isplack allow baseball players to get their colors on in a way that is unique to their team.

isplack is made of quality all-natural products and is free of harmful parabens. isplack is made for, and tested by, the toughest athletes. isplack will stay on and won’t smear through the double and triple headers, and wipes clean when the game is over.

From tee ball tikes to Big league heroes, isplack is here to help you Get Your Colors On!