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First Pitch Blunders

Cooper Nelson

By Becky Wade

Is there anything better than witnessing a truly heroic feat of athleticism?

Last night’s Red Sox game confirmed that every now and then, there is.

The unofficial MVP distinguished himself before the game even began, and all but one person in America absolutely loved it. Overnight, Jordan Leandre, a cancer survivor who was chosen to throw the first pitch, became a hero in more ways than one. (If you missed his moment of stardom, do yourself a favor and catch it here.

In honor of Leandre’s all-star pitch, we went through the archives and compiled a list of our Top 10 First Pitch Blunders. This was no easy task, as there are some truly obscene moments in first pitch history. But it was worth every second of judging and cringing, and we hope that you agree.

#10. 50 Cent: Confirmation that just because you can rap doesn’t mean you can pitch.

#9. Carl Lewis: For such a phenomenal athlete… wow. At least he redeemed himself on his second try.

#8. Jordan Leandre: The man of the hour.

#7. Michael Jordan: This wouldn’t have been that remarkable had the man not played pro baseball. I’m confused.

#6. Miss Texas (2016): Unfortunately, not the worst of the Miss Texas pitches.

#5. Carly Rae Jepsen: Had the ball been a shot put, it wouldn’t have been half bad.

#4. Mark Mallory: I don’t expect all mayors to be good at baseball, but this was truly astounding.

#3. Mariah Carey: What I want to know is if she actually tried.

#2. The Go-Go’s: Who thought this was a good idea? And why did that one lady throw up her arms in victory?

#1. Miss Texas (2014): Are we bowling here, or pitching?


Did we miss one? We beg you to let us know.

Sometimes life throws you perfect pitches. Other times it throws you curveballs. And every once in a while, it throws you an abomination of a first pitch. Thank you, Jordan Leandre and colleagues, for giving us some serious entertainment and instant confidence boosters. We hope we have reason to update our list again and again.

 From USA Today

From USA Today