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isplack, high performing black and custom colored eyeblack, designed for the toughest athletes, stays strong on the harshest athletic fields, and wipes clean when the battle is over.  

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Read our blog for the latest isplack news and insights.  Isplack products come in your team colors. Our colored eye black, hair chalk, and pencils are worn by the toughest Pro Athletes and most colorful fans

What’s new at isplack?

Peter Zana

At isplack we believe in the power and emotion of connecting as a team.  

For two years now isplack has been selling our signature under eye product and it’s now available in 14 colors.  It has been a great success!  (Thank you to all of you who’ve shown your support by buying and wearing isplack!) Athletes love us for the properties of both our black but also colored eye black.  Fans love us because they can show their support by getting their colors on!

With every small company, there are always opportunities for growth.  And just like the athletes we support, we’re constantly asking ourselves, “what can we be doing better’?   How can we make that next jump?”  We at isplack noticed our consumers using isplack Under Eye in fun and unique ways that we didn’t initially intend on it being used.  We saw people using it in their hair, using it in their beards, and using the edge of the stick to create fine details on their faces.  It appears we could not keep up with the creativity of fans and athletes with only one product!  Our customers know better than anyone else how they want to express their passions and we like to think we listen!  How did isplack respond? We went back to the drawing board and created 2 new products to support these uses. I’m very excited to be here as the new products launch!  

First we created isplack Hair Chalk.  Hair chalking has been a popular do-it-yourself way for athletes and fans to style their hair for some time but the OLD process involved chalk pastels, messy gels, even common sidewalk chalk!  Anyone wanting to color their hair would wet it, then rub the chalk into the wet hair allowing for the chalk to color the hair.  The problem with traditional hair chalking has been:

1) It’s horrible for your hair - at a minimum it dries your hair out

2) It’s a mess to put in your hair

3) It contains carcinogens such as parabens

We went ahead and worked with our talented crew to create a new, thicker, less chalky hair chalk that goes on easy, stays in place, but washes out easily.  All without damaging your hair.  Hair Chalk is another great way our customers can get their colors on, especially in sports like soccer, volleyball and softball, (but definitely not swimming).  Basically, anywhere that traditional under eye is not used, is the FIRST place to consider Hair Chalk!   isplack hair chalk goes on easy, has no harmful chemicals and washes out easy so it doesn’t dry out your hair.

Our second new product for 2016 is a detailed eye black peincil that we’re calling Fine Line”. With isplack Fine Line you can make illustrations of mascots, write your favorite player’s jersey number, outline a larger isplack section of colored eye black or any other way you can think of!  It can even be used as eyeliner!  isplack Fine Line is a simple change to our traditional under eye that has no harmful chemicals and stays on throughout the entire game with endless possibilities of its usage.  We’re very excited to see how athletes and fans use this product as well!

isplack is always looking to innovate in the way we can connect fans and athletes to their passions.  The same way athletes look to innovate to improve.  We listen to customer feedback, so keep sharing with us and being creative with isplack!  We’ll be watching!