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isplack, high performing black and custom colored eyeblack, designed for the toughest athletes, stays strong on the harshest athletic fields, and wipes clean when the battle is over.  

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Connecting With Youth Sports Beyond Eye Black

Peter Zana

Life-Long Relationships are Created on the Fields of our Youth


Ever sit back and think about how you first became friends with some of your longest comrades so many years ago? Ever just reminisce with your life-long buddies about the good old days when you played the sport as kids that you still love to this day? If you answered yes to those questions, you’re not alone. We are right there with you and we think it’s awesome.

Sports naturally connect people of different ilk through a love of just one common interest. Be it a team, a player, a coach or a color, sports ties us together like few other components of our lives can do. However, it’s the connection that takes place during the sports we played in our youth that bonds us for life in ways that are different than the rest.  

Life is beautifully visceral when you are young. Most everything you experience is new and fresh, and the pain that naturally accompanies your development within the sport you love is shared with teammates. There is a hardship each person and team face in youth sports, whether it is as a unit or as one, these hardships are journeyed through as a team and overcome as a team. The sacrifice is shared, the development in shared, the hours are shared; which all creates a unique bond that cannot be replaced or taken away.

At a later stage in life, the bond still exists. It exists when you connect with your teammates, coaches and even your opponents from your youth. It exists when you put on the color of the team you played for or when you drive by your old home field. It exists when you get a whiff of fresh cut grass or step inside a local gym. The memories of the moments spent competing in your youth come racing back in the best way possible.

The relationships built from your youth that have lasted the test of time are likely in part due to the moments you shared playing youth sports together. We love that unity. We love that connection that will never be undone. We here at isplack continue to be driven to connect people through that one common interest, through that one common love of a team and the colors that represent them.

We strive to create team unity for the youth of today with our custom eye black colors. We are driven to create a connection through colorful face paint that reflects the devotion of fans to the team they support. It’s that connection in sports that keeps us going, and it’s that connection with sports from our youth that motivates us to unify teammates and fans through isplack. We hope that when your kids are applying isplack to their kid’s faces years from now, it sparks a memory that takes them back to their youth. We hope to be a part of that bond.

Get Your Colors On!

Peter Zana, VP Sales