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isplack, high performing black and custom colored eyeblack, designed for the toughest athletes, stays strong on the harshest athletic fields, and wipes clean when the battle is over.  

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Read our blog for the latest isplack news and insights.  Isplack products come in your team colors. Our colored eye black, hair chalk, and pencils are worn by the toughest Pro Athletes and most colorful fans


Peter Zana

Why it is Important to Unite with Your Team and Fellow Fans    

You just committed every possible second to devote your energy to the team you live, eat, breathe and bleed for. Unlike the fans of the other 31 teams, your devotion paid off with a championship. This is such a rare moment that there is only one way to finish off this memorable season - by attending the team’s championship parade.  

You’ve earned this moment through your devotion and there is almost nothing that would cause you to miss this opportunity to celebrate with your squad. So why is the championship parade such a symbolic moment that brings out hundreds of thousands of fans like you? It’s about the culmination of everything you gave to your team. It’s about the goal being reached. It’s about recognizing the efforts of everyone, including the fans. And ultimately, it’s about uniting the nation of people, players, coaches, staff and fans to celebrate the accomplishments of all. There is nothing like uniting with people for one common goal, and it’s why we work every day at isplack to unite in color.

Being a fan isn’t easy. In fact, the emotions and agony you put yourself through is arguably just as difficult to handle as the players and coaches on the field. You have no choice but to sit back and watch. You can hope or pray or whatever it is you do to bring some good fortune to your team, but ultimately you sit through each game and ride the waves that naturally come. Like we said, this is far from easy.

You literally just grinded through a season that featured highlight-worthy highs, and some seriously low lows. You had moments that felt like your team could not be beat, and you had other moments that felt like your team wouldn’t win another game. But through it all you stuck with your team, because that’s how this relationship works. You are one with your team, and you will always support the team you love. You wear their colors every chance you get. And when you happen to bleed, well, let’s just say it’s the color of your jersey, not the color of blood.  

 If you’re like most fans, you watched every game, including the championship game, on TV from your couch or local establishment. You haven’t had the opportunity to celebrate this team in person with thousands of fans. The parade allows you to unite with your team in person, and share the joy with fans just like yourself. You’ll hug complete strangers and party with your friends. You’ve put so much into this team, and the parade is something that gives back to you in a big way.

 Here at isplack, we support both the fans and the players and help everyone unite in color. We are fans who believe that the best way to show your team spirit is to make a statement by wearing your team colors. Wear the shirts and jerseys and hats of your team, and finish the job with team color isplack. Stand out at your championship parade with isplack, as nothing will make you feel more united with the world-champion team you have gone to such great lengths to support. 

Get Your Colors On!

Peter Zana, VP Sales