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isplack United Maxim Party with "Get Your Colors On!" Live Art

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isplack United Maxim Party with "Get Your Colors On!" Live Art

JP O'Brien

Artist Will Day Leads the Creation of isplack Inspired Live Art at The Maxim Party   

The incredible opportunity led to an incredible night that is benefiting an incredible cause. The energy and passion of the room came through in the living art piece ultimately finished by the incomparable Will Day, and in the end, the party united through isplack

We asked the party goers to Get Your Colors On! by adding their artistic marks to a live painting during the 2016 Maxim Party one night before the big game at Treasure Island in the Bay Area. The attendees, turned artists, would use both paint and isplack to create this once in a lifetime piece of art. This experience was unlike any we had been a part of, and in the end, this party proved that isplack will get people to unite in color!

Before I get to the party and the end result, the work that was put in by the team to make this night happen was just as important as the final piece, especially the great work of artist Will Day and Pro Adviser Justin Bannan.

 Justin Bannan posing for the cameras

Justin Bannan posing for the cameras

We arrived in San Francisco on Thursday evening and we had an amazing dinner with many NFL current players and alumni, all friends of former 13-year NFL defensive tackle turned isplack executive Justin Bannan. It was a fantastic team-building event for all of us, perfectly setting the tone for the weekend.

Friday was spent in the logistics of the event. While walking around downtown San Francisco, we saw that the Broncos fans traveled incredibly well and the city was seemingly painted in Broncos orange, blue and white. As a Boulder-based brand, we were proud to be a part of something that was so well represented by the people of our hometown team.

 Will Day with Noah our frame builder

Will Day with Noah our frame builder

We shopped the art supply store on Market Street – a huge supply house for artists. We met Noah, the frame builder who was literally making the canvas as we shopped. Noah shared that as a youngster growing up in Buffalo, NY, he would frequent the Boys and Girls Club. That was amazing - the canvas he was making would literally become a painting in which the proceeds from the sale would go to the Boys and Girls Club in Denver. Noah proved to be just one of many connections that showed how isplack can unite people from coast to coast.

Saturday came and we were ready to get going. We picked up the final canvas, a 6’x6’ square, sturdy frame that would soon become a Will Day Art masterpiece. The paint, the tools, the easels, the canvas all went in to a van and driven to the party location. When we got there we saw the space and quickly realized this party was not your typical event. Everything was high end, and we were a part of it! Celebrities would later take their “Red Carpet” photos in front of a Maxim backdrop that included the isplack logo. The night represented another big step forward for our brand.

Once inside, we were directed to our spot and we started setting up. It took about 2 hours to get set, all the while the energy of the group was rising as we knew we were about to lead the creation of something truly special.

 Tia gets us press from Edge TV!

Tia gets us press from Edge TV!

We had 2 young women who helped us bring in people to engage with the painting and add their touches. Thank you to both of them, especially former Miss Florida, Tia McDonald. We then had a team huddle with some words of inspiration, and it was literally show time.  

Will started the efforts solo, grabbing some isplack, and giving the art a start. The party began to fill and fill and fill, and the painting began to take shape. As it turns out, for more than half the event, all the patrons preferred to use isplack over paint to create the art. The team helped make the partygoers feel comfortable in participating, and each person was excited to be a part of something truly unique and creative.

 Will Day helps party goers Get Your Colors On!

Will Day helps party goers Get Your Colors On!

One person or another continuously worked the on painting for several hours as the party took shape. There were times when as many as four or five people were simultaneously adding isplack touches of their own. Each person got it; the isplack Get Your Colors On message, the connection with Will and the essence of the art piece, that we were using the colors of the teams playing in the big game the very next day.

We were uniting the crowd of partiers into a larger cause, celebrating color, together. It was intensely collaborative. Some patrons wanted to meet and interact with Will, having him direct and lead them, while others went right in and did their thing.  Will was certainly feeding off the energy of the crowd and the energy of the room. The piece took on the essence of the party, which featured hip hop music in a club atmosphere. The piece turned out perfectly urban and hip hop inspired. It screams youth, with high-high energy and a style that came from them, from the party. It fed off the party and it fed the party.  

While the painting took shape we literally watched the party goers unite under color. It was like what we’d been saying and watching in the stands of sports venues or on the fields suddenly came to a party. It was the same feeling and emotion but in a completely different setting. We connected isplack to something we never thought possible but in a way we know isplack can naturally unite people. We were connecting with art, uniting with the use of color.  

Finally, the party was over and so was the painting. Will even turned a few people away because he liked it so much and considered it done. After we packed up and concluded our night, it was 6 a.m. and the team was exhausted. However, we were also exhilarated, not knowing if that had really just happened. In the final analysis, the painting is proof the connection was real.

 The finished piece!  Showing now at  The McLoughlin Gallery, San Francisco.  Benefits the Boys and Girls Club!

The finished piece!  Showing now at The McLoughlin Gallery, San Francisco.  Benefits the Boys and Girls Club!

Get Your Colors On!

-JP O’Brien, CEO