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Peter Zana

It’s No Surprise that Superstition Has Become a Part of Sunday’s Storyline

What a great predicament the Denver Broncos put themselves in.  However, this predicament is one that surely brought upon great debate and agony for the AFC Champion Broncos; over a seemingly simple decision at that. No, we aren’t talking about which quarterback to play, we’re talking about which color to wear for the Big Game this Sunday. Naturally we here at isplack LOVE that they're thinking about the power of color!  While no team is feeling sorry that the Broncos were forced to face a jersey color decision or Sunday’s game, those teams also were likely to make the same choice as Denver, once considering the past that is.

See, the Broncos switched back to orange for their standard home jersey prior to the 2012 season, a color that has yielded four-straight AFC West Championships and helped lead the team to two Super Bowls in the four years since the change. However, with the 2016 playing for Vince’s trophy representing the eighth such game for the Broncos in their history, the team had some data to analyze in terms of jersey color for this game. The Broncos are 2-5 all-time in the annual Big Game, but 0-4 when wearing orange, including a loss two years ago vs. Seattle. Denver is 1-1 when wearing a white jersey and 1-0 when wearing their now alternate blue jersey. Due to league rule, the Broncos could not consider their alternate jersey for this game.

So, the Broncos made the logical choice that is backed by a belief system based in unjustified thoughts. The Broncos went superstitious on us all and chose to wear white as the home team. A decision that makes the most sense, yet was made strictly on something they can’t prove actually makes a difference. The definition of superstition from a quick google search returns the following: a widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event, or a practice based on such a belief.

There are a few more metrics in play to consider, as put together by our friends at ESPN’s Uni Watch. More to consider:

·         Teams wearing white Jerseys have won 10 of the last 11 Big Games.

·         2016 marks the fifth time the designated home team has chosen to wear white for this game. The previous four teams are a combined 3-1.

·         Peyton Manning’s only Super Bowl came in a white jersey.

Call it unjustified, or call it a decision based in metrics, the Broncos aren’t the first, or the last reference to superstition in sports. After all, arguably the greatest basketball player of all-time, Michael Jordan, wore his North Carolina basketball shorts under his uniform for the entirety of his NBA career for good luck. And don’t forget about one of the greatest hockey goalies of all-time, Patrick Roy, and his superstitious relationship – and conversations – with his goal posts. Both “unjustified” acts seemed to work pretty well for those Hall of Famers.

Here at isplack, we support the belief in the superstition, and we have the colors to back up whichever color you choose to support. Superstition helps breed unity, and we help teams and fans unite in color.

Throughout the week leading up to the Big Game, the Denver Broncos Marketing teams will be handing out two packs of isplack minis all over San Francisco. They have packs of both orange and blue as well as a few superstitious packs of orange and WHITE. If you’re in the area, look out for some free isplack to complete your game day attire and unite with the Broncos. If you’re staying home for the game, check out local Dick’s Sporting Goods to stock up. 

-- Peter Zana, VP Sales