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From the Pond to the Stadium – Outdoor Hockey Has Come Full Circle

Peter Zana

Outdoor Hockey in the Rockies at Coors Field

Outdoor hockey anyone? Yes please for isplack!

Like many sports, the way in which we know and love the sport of hockey is far different from the origin of the sport itself. Hockey got its start outside and has recently returned to the fresh air in many outdoor venues. We love when the games go outside, and isplack is excited for local fans and athletes in Colorado to join the festivities for several outdoor hockey games at Coors Field this month.

The sport of hockey originated on outdoor ponds and ice rinks in Eurpoe in the 1700’s before jumping the big pond to Canada and the United States in the late 1800’s. It is Canada where the sport was refined to its modern version, much like what we know today. The first organized indoor game was played on March 3, 1875 in Montreal, and the sport’s official competition has mostly been competed indoors ever since.

While a great hockey game is loads of fun to attend, we have a greater appreciation for the games played under the sun, or stars, surrounded by the bleachers of an outdoor stadium. These games bring back memories of pick-up games as kids on the local pond in 20-degree (or colder) weather. Getting a group of neighborhood friends outside, creating a make-shift goal, and pretending to be The Great One is what attracted us to the sport in the first place.

Nowadays, modern technology in the form of cooling systems has allowed for competition at the game’s highest levels to be taken back outside for some good old fashioned puck fun. The game takes on a different essence in the outdoor arenas, while creating moments that the athletes and fans of each team will remember for a life time. These memories unite all involved in ways that a normal game simply cannot.

The outdoor hockey game also brings out aspects that relate to many of our other favorite team sports generally played outside. Certainly, weather can become a factor and some games have been played during snowfalls; which is just awesome! Another factor is the sun glare becoming something that can be difficult to deal with as a player or fan. isplack wants to remind everyone involved about the importance of wearing eye black to handle the glare as it bounces off that bright ice!

The fun gets started at Coors Field the way it should on Saturday February 20th with one of college hockey’s greatest rivalries, a matchup between Denver University and Colorado College. The game will mark the first time the DU and CC rivalry will be played on an outdoor ice rink, and will be the 302nd all-time DU vs. CC meeting, a rivalry that dates to 1950. The isplack team encourages all fans to Get Your Colors On and support these two teams anyway possible for this historic collegiate event. 

Outdoor hockey excitement continues the following weekend with a great rematch of some memorable Avalanche vs. Red Wings games from the mid-90’s. The Alumni game on Friday, February 26th will feature many of the players who competed in the rivalry games between the Av’s and Wings from 15-20 years ago. We can’t wait for these players to unite and have their passion for the sport come through again. The next night features the current squads, who will play the first official outdoor NHL game in Colorado sports history.

isplack is excited for Colorado sports fans to unite for these memorable events. Stop by your local Dick’s Sporting Goods store to pick up some isplack to proudly display your support for these teams and outdoor hockey in Colorado.


Get Your Colors On!

Peter Zana, VP Sales