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The Celebration is Over—Now the Season Begins

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The Celebration is Over—Now the Season Begins

Peter Zana

To Win Again, The Celebration is Short Lived

Hard work, commitment, dedication, time, energy, “blood, sweat, and tears”: championship. All of that went into the greatest season of the lives of each Denver Broncos players. Naturally it became worth it when they hoisted the Lombardi Trophy Sunday night in Santa Clara. The players and coaches partied, they didn’t get any sleep, they appeared on national TV shows across the country, and they topped it off with an epic parade through downtown Denver that saw one million fans show up.  Congrats to the Broncos, they earned the fun. They are champions for the rest of their lives.  I hope they enjoyed it, because the next season just began!

These men are professional athletes, and each of them knows what it takes to get the pinnacle of their sport.  It’s that type of passion to improve that makes a great athlete a professional, and a professional athlete a champion.  The page has been turned and the focus should once again now be on what’s ahead, not what was. The Broncos gained a mental advantage this season.  They know what it takes to win a championship.  But that advantage is counter-balanced by the jump start every other team (other than Carolina) has on preparing and working towards next season.  Because the easiest time to improve against your competition, is to work hard when they aren’t working at all.

Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe summed it up perfectly in his postgame press conference Sunday after the win, saying “I’m just ready for next year so we can win another one.”  Wolfe hadn’t even taken his isplack off yet.  He still hadn’t even hit the showers after winning a championship, and here he was looking ahead.  He finished the thought by saying, “(Another championship) is all I’m thinking about. I’m not satisfied.”  That’s the type of attitude it takes to repeat, and we’re not betting against Wolfe and company going back-to-back!

The attitude that next season starts when last season ends is what is required to even have a shot at winning a championship.  That is what drives these incredible athletes.  And when every player on a team unites by bringing the same attitude to work every day, a championship is possible.

Winning should be celebrated.  Enjoy it.  Live in that moment and reflect on all that it took to get there. You deserve to reward yourself by enjoying the feeling of accomplishment.  It’s what can carry you through all the hard work required ahead to get there again.  And then when you have a bit more time to reflect, ask yourself:  “Where does my championship motivation come from within me?”  Is it the exhilaration of the win?  The joy of the journey?  Your competition is hard at work chasing your heels.  Day 1 of your new season is here.


Get Your Colors On!

Peter Zana, VP Sales