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isplack, high performing black and custom colored eyeblack, designed for the toughest athletes, stays strong on the harshest athletic fields, and wipes clean when the battle is over.  

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Read our blog for the latest isplack news and insights.  Isplack products come in your team colors. Our colored eye black, hair chalk, and pencils are worn by the toughest Pro Athletes and most colorful fans

Do the Dallas Cowboys Have the Best Fans?

Cooper Nelson

We have heard it for years, “America’s team” A statement synonymous with starred helmets and stars on the field.  Even more so, this statement has become more undeniably true.  According to a recent study in June of this year done by SB Nation, the Dallas Cowboys are the best NFL Fans.  That’s right, not only are the Cowboys “America’s team” but their fans are considered the “best.”   What makes them different than all the other team’s fans?  

  • They spend the most money on their team!  The Dallas Cowboy jerseys and apparel is some of the highest selling. Yeah, perhaps money spent is a good indication about how much you love something, no one proposes with an empty ring box right?   

  • Their fans like to chat it up online.  We live in amazing world where fans can speak directly to their teams and tweet @ them.  The Dallas cowboys take advantage of this and have a robust online community.

  • Their fans are everywhere! No matter what stadium the Cowboys game takes place at the Dallas Cowboys fans are there.  Their fans dominate states like Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona. Their fans also dominate...other nations!  Mexico is filled with Dallas Cowboys Fans.

  • They are loyal.  The love that Cowboys fans have doesn’t falter even when they have a poor season. The Cowboys haven’t won the super bowl since 1996 yet they break records for stadium attendance and frequently have sold out games.  That's some deep love and passion for one’s team.

isplack wants YOU to be the best fan ever.  We want you to get wild, get crazy, wear sports face paint, wear our eye black, because we know it will help you display your passion for your favorite team.  What do you think it takes to be a good fan? Would you argue that your team has the best fans? Let us know in the comments below.

Get Your Colors On!

Cooper, isplack Evangelist

Purple Is Very Potent

Cooper Nelson

The Colorado Rockies had a stellar performance over their series with the San Francisco this Father’s Day Weekend and really have had a stellar performance this season so far.  I went to the Saturday game where the Rockies won against the Giants 5-1 but that wasn’t even the most exciting game.  The hype is all around Sunday when the Rockies secured the victory in the bottom of the 9th. Rockies were down 4-5. Two men were on base and Nolan Arenado hits a walk off homer to bring the game to 7-5. 

This home run is quite legendary.  Not only did it complete a cycle, it was at the bottom of the 9th and was against Mark Melancon, the Giant’s closer.  Some are saying that Arenado’s homerun is the defining moment of the Rockies 2017 season. It’s that type of special moment that burns in one’s brain and makes it hard to ignore that the Rockies are really something this season.

We at isplack adore the Rockies and couldn’t be happier that they are having a breakout season.  Keep on doing your thing Rockies.

Get Your Colors On!

Cooper Nelson, isplack Evangelist.

College Lacrosse expands in the West!

Cooper Nelson

After a generous gift of $15.6 million by an anonymous donor, The University of Utah will have the newest and most western D1 Lacrosse program. 

Lacrosse has had the reputation to be a popular northeastern sport but most of the growth in the sport has come from the south and central regions of the United States.  Apparently, there is also growth in the West and we at isplack are extremely excited about that.

We love when a team sport like lacrosse reaches a level where it can be very serious and competitive like in D1 athletics.  We get fired up about the story of the University of Utah going from a club status to NCAA status.  Go Utes!

The players and fans of lacrosse are very passionate and love using our colored eye black.  No one loves connecting athletes and fans with the energy and passion of being a part of a team like isplack.  Perhaps more schools from the PAC 12 will do the same as Utah?  We are looking forward to more growth in the sport.

Get Your Colors On!

Cooper Nelson, isplack Evangelist  

iSplack & Flywheel Project color blast USMNT vs Trinidad & Tobago!

Cooper Nelson

isplack helped fans get their colors on with the help of the Flywheel project last Thursday!  The Flywheel Project is a group of passionate and determined interns who are learning and helping the businesses of Black Lab Sports.  They definitely helped us spread the spirit for this World Cup qualifier.  You can check out the Flywheel project here.  

USMNT ended up winning over Trinidad 2-0!  Check out some of these amazing fans.




There is no lack of originality for these fans.


Any surface is an opportunity for a passionate display!

We hope that these photos give you some inspiration for your next event using isplack!

Get Your Colors On!

Cooper Nelson, isplack Evangelist

You Never Graduate Athletics

Cooper Nelson

I recently graduated Luther College.  It is a small liberal arts school in Decorah, Iowa.  I was a student there for four years along with being in varsity athletics in both the fall and spring for four years.  I have my diploma in hand and I am ready to take on the world but what is missing from my other hand is a racket, a ball, or a baton.  Every year, there are many athletes that graduate college and are excited to take their degree into the workplace.  However, they are left pondering if they have graduated athletics as well.

Being part of a team was a great experience and that aspect isn’t truly lost.  I work as part of a team at isplack and everyone has their various skills and roles.  Those roles complement each other and we work as a cohesive unit just as my football team did on Saturday mornings.  Athletics did so much for me.  It’s how I made friends, it is how I spent my weekends.  I learned so much from being in sports. There are many transferable skills from athletics to the professional world.  I’m even lucky enough to still be focused on the sports world.  I want this in my life still.  The question still remains for myself and many others like me, where do I go with athletics now?

Many people transition from being an athlete to being a fan.  I’m definitely going to return to Luther for homecoming and cheer on my team with my blue and white face paint. Even though this will be fun, this isn’t enough.  Being an athlete was a lifestyle of health and fitness, not simply watching on the sidelines. I still want to stay in shape so I am lifting just as I did the previous summers doing the same old routine.  However, this time I currently have no goal nor do I have an activity that can capitalize on my strengths.  I competed in football and track & field and that took all of my time.  What am I supposed to do wait until my college has their alumni meet once a year? That’s too long of a time, even though I’m really looking forward to it.  I need to find a competitive and active outlet.

I don’t see myself going pro anytime soon so perhaps it is time to branch out.  There aren’t really football clubs, so that’s out.  I like lifting, so CrossFit is always an option.  Running is always fun and there are interesting variants of races like Tough Mudder or Spartan Races.  Hmm, I’ve always wanted to try American Ninja Warrior too... 

Annual Tough Mudder at the Whistler Olympic Park

What I am trying to say is there are still many options for the athletes inside of us.  As they say, “when one door closes, another opens.”  Now that I have free time, I can try new things.  I loved my college sports but my life as an athlete is just constantly evolving I guess.

I don’t think you ever graduate athletics.  You can always express your love for your team off the field with isplack. If you still want to be a competitor like myself, I can see there are still options.

Competing is a part of my life, it’s what I’ve always done.  The transition can be a little difficult but we are athletes, we are tough and we will find our way.  As my football coach always told me when we were confronted with a problem, “You’re gonna have to figure it out!”  I’m not entirely sure what this means still but I know I will find a way to scratch that competitive itch.

Cooper Nelson, isplack Evangelist

NBA Finals Commence!

Cooper Nelson

The NBA Finals start tonight!  After a somewhat boring and one-sided conference finals matchups of Warriors vs. Spurs and Celtics vs. Cavaliers, the 2016 Finals contenders return again! 

GTY 612764594

The stage is set for a great finals. Both teams are no stranger to the playoffs and finals.  This will be the third meeting in a row for the Cavs and Warriors in the Finals.  Lebron James, arguably the GOAT, is playing in his fifth consecutive NBA finals.  The Golden State warriors are loaded with talent with the combination of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant.  They also have Draymond Green who should be able to control his temper compared to last year so he can be a player throughout this entire series. 

Will King James keep and the Cavs keep their crown?  Will Dub Nation sweep the Cavs for a perfect 16-0 title run?  The Cavs won last year and Golden State won the year before, who will win the rubber match? Either way it is going to be very exciting time to Get Your Colors On and support your favorite team!

Cooper Nelson, isplack Evangelist

Game Day Essentials

Peter Zana

A quick primer for you all headed out to ball fields these next few weeks and months.  It’s about to get HOT! 

Whether it’s baseball, softball, lacrosse or any other sporting events for your kids, let’s face it, you’re still responsible for keeping the kids hydrated and fed.  Here’s our version of a Top Ten list to make sure you don’t forget anything!

1.    Water/Fluids

Nothing beats ice cold water!  Consider buying and freezing a pack.  They don’t explode like Coke does, but the frozen bottles keep everything else in the cooler cold without making a mess!  By the end of the first game they’ll be melted and freezing cold.  The kids will love them. 

While Gatorade, Powerade, and those other sports drinks do contain electrolytes, they also contain a lot of sugar.  Keep those to a minimum.  Experts recommend alternating those with water on the hottest of days.  Several of our coaches buy the powder (try Boulder based Skratch!) and keep it slightly watered down. 

Two final tips: 1.  The bottles tend to get mixed up, so if you think of it, use a sharpie and put the kids’ jersey #’s on them, and 2.  Encourage the team to drink a bottle of water on the way to the fields.  The easiest place to carry water is in the belly!

2. Snacks

Team signups for snacks is pretty regular these days.  (Do your best to honor allergies like peanuts please.)  We’ve found the kids will eat anything you put in front of them.  Start with cut up fruit – orange slices, apple slices, grapes (frozen!), are easy for them to grab and won’t create a sugar rush and crash.  Beware, because it always seems to be the case that the crash from sugar happens during the second game – when you’re trying to make the winner’s bracket for Day 2.  Just do your best to get SOME healthy snacks in the kids before they hit the snack shack.  Nothing there helps their performance over the course of a day or weekend.

Our friends at Team Snap have built messaging into their Team Management App/Software.  Check them out if you haven’t already.  They make it very easy to manage snack schedules as well.

3. First-aid kit

Ice packs (the ones you can ‘pop’)!  Band Aids, and some gauze bandages and Ace wraps.  In a pinch, a well-stocked cooler with plenty of ice serves its purpose when someone takes a pitch or twists an ankle.  Don’t forget the Snack Shack either as they will share a bag of ice for an injured athlete as fast as you can get there.  Finally, sanitizing wipes!  Take off isplack, clean off faces before nearby lunch, or even after the Porta Potty visits.

4. Chairs or blanket

Chairs before bleachers.  And if you choose to avoid carrying the chairs from the car to the field, at least consider a blanket for padding on the hard benches.  There’s something to be said to sit in close together in bleachers with the other families.  It helps build comraderie between the families, not just the kids.  But save your back, stand by the bleachers to catch up and cheer, and retreat to a chair when you can.  Let’s face it, the days are long, you can catch up between games!  In the shade tent (see below).

5. Cooler

Let’s face it, we all want a Yeti.  But if you’re like most, you never planned to ‘invest’ in a cooler.  Igloo, Coleman, etc make nice ones too.  Make sure they have a drain hole/plug.  And enough room for the ice to keep things cold.  Wheels, soft sided, drink holders, collapsible handles, even speakers(!) are all nice add ons but not necessary.

6.  Sunscreen and Bug spray and sunscreen

By now everyone knows the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.  Keep a bottle of SPF 50 sunscreen in your car’s glove box.  That way you’ll always have some.  Get the kids to put it on on the way to the game so it soaks in a bit before they get there.  If they’re playing baseball, softball or any other sport with hats/helmets, consider leaving the sunscreen off above the eyes.  That way, when they sweat, it won’t run into their eyes. 

Mosquitos are ruthless at twilight, just when your team is trying to lock down their seed for the next day.  Don’t be caught off guard.  A can of bug spray will make you the hero of the entire team AND their cheering fans!  Just wash it off when you get home.  The active ingredient DEET, isn’t something you want your skin to swim in.

7. Shade Tent

Sure you can sit under a nearby tree, or use an umbrella or a camp chair with integrated shade.  But you're not going to make many friends using those techniques.  You'll be left cheering by yourself.  Instead, why not find a deal on an EZ-Up Tent.  A shade tent, set up properly over the bleachers, or camp chairs means plenty of friends and a more enjoyable time for you all during the hot summer games.  Elderly grandparents, who often come watch the kids play will be especially thankful for the shade.  And of course, when the game is over and the kids have some downtime before the next game, get them under the tent.  It will save their energy!

8. Team roster

These days kids play on teams with that aren’t from the neighborhood.  But to build the team spirit, parents should write down the jersey numbers of all the players on the team and they should start using the kids names as soon and as often as they can!  You’d be surprised how quickly you learn them when you use them.  The kids feel that they’re part of something special when they hear others cheering for them.  Besides, the opposing team will think you’ve all been playing together for years!  Which means you’re polished!

9. Extra gear

Presumably the kids are coming to the tournament with the uniform and safety gear — be it shin guards or helmet — already on or in hand. It helps to have an extra of whatever in case they forget something.

10. Hat, gloves, blanket

These items are weather-dependent.  Here in Colorado, they’re a must.  Just remember that standing on the field in the early morning frost can take its toll just as much as the hot, midday sun.

You’ll enjoy being a spectator a whole lot more if you’re comfortable. 

Let us know if we missed anything.  Get out there and enjoy yourselves.  Kid grow up, and then it’s too late.  Or, another way to look at it; you’re paying enough to be there, you might as well enjoy yourselves!


Peter Zana, Sales

Draft Day is Here

Olja Ivanic

You ready?

isplack Headquarters is draft ready

isplack Headquarters is draft ready

If tonight’s 82nd Annual NFL Draft snuck up on you, have no fear. Below we offer you the bare-bones facts about football’s second most dramatic and hyped up night of the year (after the Super Bowl, of course).

Where to Watch Tonight’s First Round: NFL Network or ESPN, 8 p.m. EST (second and third rounds will be Friday; fourth through seventh rounds will be Saturday)

Who Will Be No. 1? Though many speculations involve former Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett, the Cleveland Browns’ first pick is still speculative. GM Sashi Brown told NFL Network that the decision was solidified two weeks ago, but whether it is Garrett, former North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, or someone else, we won’t know until tonight.

Order of Thursday Picks: 10 minutes allotted to each team when their turn arises

1. Cleveland Browns

2. San Francisco 49ers

3. Chicago Bears

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

5. Tennessee Titans (via Los Angeles Rams)

6. New York Jets

7. Los Angeles Chargers

8. Carolina Panthers

9. Cincinnati Bengals

10. Buffalo Bills

11. New Orleans Saints

12. Cleveland Browns (via Philadelphia)

13. Arizona Cardinals

14. Philadelphia Eagles (via Minnesota)

15. Indianapolis Colts

16. Baltimore Ravens

17. Washington Redskins

18. Tennessee Titans

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

20. Denver Broncos

21. Detroit Lions

22. Miami Dolphins

23. New York Giants

24. Oakland Raiders

25. Houston Texans

26. Seattle Seahawks

27. Kansas City Chiefs

28. Dallas Cowboys

29. Green Bay Packers

30. Pittsburgh Steelers

31. Atlanta Falcons

32. New Orleans Saints (via New England)

Which team are you rooting for? Who would you love to add to the roster? Here at isplack, we’re a divided camp, but united in our excitement and our colorful display of team spirit.

Regardless of your loyalty, join us in tuning into tonight’s Draft.

Get Your Colors On.

Olja Ivanic, International Celebrator