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isplack, high performing black and custom colored eyeblack, designed for the toughest athletes, stays strong on the harshest athletic fields, and wipes clean when the battle is over.  


Photos and feedback from athletes who use and love isplack eyeblack 

#15 Eric Law-Attack for MLL Denver Outlaws makes isplack eyeblack part of his pre-game battle preparation.  

Two hours in summer heat and going strong. isplack is the best eyeblack in the world. Just ask #44 Ryan Sage, Middie  Scotland National Lacrosse Team

New Zealand National Lacrosse Team Players "I love my isplack because when I was sweating, it just rolled over the isplack" Team New Zealand ***On Our Left:  Player chose to use "another eyeblack" brand.  His sweated off before the game ended. In the Middle:  Player wore "other eyeblack" on his right (our left) side and tried isplack Eyeblack on his left side (our right).  isplack obviously out performed the other brand. On Our Right: Player wore black isplack under both eyes. 90+ degree heat game day and still going strong. Good man. 

Scotland National Lacrosse Players #17 Tom Loake, Defense and #44 Ryan Sage, Middie came back after their game to tell us how much they loved wearing the blue isplack! You guys are awesome!  Thank you for going out of your way to tell us how much you liked it! And thanks for trusting us to go into battle with you! It's an honor. 

KickIt Girls Soccer Champions Unite as a Team wearing isplack blue and white eyeblack

Uganda Lacrosse at FIL World Games 2014 wearing team colors red and yellow isplack

Team Sam Adams, made up of coaches and former collegiate lax players, wear and love isplack

U13 Team 180 battling in Pink iSplack 

Youth athletes love uniting as a team through colored isplack eyeblack

“Really thick eye black but it comes straight off really easily with soap and water. Highly recommend to get some!”  Wales Lacrosse MVPs Alan Croft #8 and Paul Simpson #20  [Picture taken after 2 hours of game play in 90+ degree heat]

MLL Denver Outlaws wear isplack eyeblack 

Scotland National Lacrosse Team Players sported blue isplack Eyeblack in their FIL World Lacrosse Games.  These pictures were taken after the 90+ degree game on turf.  isplack stayed strong, didn't smear or run and worked hard through the whole game. These players loved it so much they grabbed their sticks and walked over to us to say thank you!.   #44 Ryan Sage-Middle, #88 Dean Stewart-Goalie, #56 Jimmy McBride-Attack

 #6 Nick Low, Attack New Zealand Lacrosse told us that "another eyeblack brand" stained and ruined the team's new white uniforms! He heard about isplack and came to see us for help.  He learned how isplack eyeblack applies smoothly, stays in place, removes easily with a baby wipe, and won't stain their uniforms!  Sorry we weren't there sooner Nick, but we're glad isplack will be with you for every game from here on out! 

Colombia Lacrosse National Team wore blue, yellow and red isplack eyeblack for their World Lacrosse 2014 games.  It did not run, smear or wear off.  isplack eyeblack worked as hard as they did! Thanks for the feedback, this post game picture, and your dedication to our product Colombia! 

Scotland Lacrosse National Team Goalie Dean Stewart #88 loved the hard-working blue and black isplack eyeblack.  He introduced isplack eyeblack to his teammates and word spread fast about isplack, the best eyeblack in the world! 

Wearing isplack in his swim meet!  It did not come off in the water, but was removed easily with a wipe when he was ready! Thanks for the picture! We love it!  #swimsplack

Espana and Colombia FIL World Games 2014